Conferencing Software Connects You to us no Matter Where You Are

We understand that your business is your priority, and it’s our priority to help you find the best success possible for your entrepreneurial endeavor. We can be accessible to you whether you’re just a few miles away or across the globe.Zoom is a powerful video conferencing software that enables you to meet with us virtually and saves on traveling time, so you can get right back to what’s important. You can use Zoom from a web browser or download the program, and either way, you don’t even have to setup an account to meet with us virtually. All you need is a meeting code.Some might find digital communication to be less personal, but Zoom still enables us to communicate with you face-to-face with video and audio chat functionality, but if you’re shy, you can disable the app’s permission to use your camera. It will give you the option as you are about to enter a call.This simple, game-changing communication technology puts us right in the room with you and, if you grant us permission through the application, we can see your computer screen to help you troubleshoot any issues you might be having. This is particularly helpful to clients who need help with Quickbooks. You also have the option of giving us temporary control of your computer, so we can get right to work on your needs. You’ll see everything we do live.To quickly access Zoom, visit our website, click Client Center at the top left and select Zoom. You will need a meeting code from the person you need to meet with. You can book a Zoom meeting ahead of time by calling one of our offices at 304-997-8377 or 304-292-9469 to book a meeting with any of our accounting professionals.