Financial Fluency: What does it mean to be a people versus a process driven company?

To better understand your company’s financial fluency, it’s beneficial to understand what drives your business forward. Do you depend on more employees in order to maximize production? Would the motors keep turning if someone left or if you were on vacation for a month? Many business owners often give up vacations because they feel they need to be there or things might fall apart.We work hard to get your company on a process driven platform, not a people driven platform. The key is to ensure that if you or another essential employee had to be away from the office your business could keep moving along so you can rest easy and take an opportunity to enjoy some downtime.A lot of small businesses perform on a people driven platform, but when a key employee leaves the company, it becomes difficult for others to pick up where that person left off. This is not a unique problem, especially for small businesses.To keep your business running smoothly, you need a plan in place where any employee, new or veteran, can step into that empty chair and keep the job rolling. This way, the process continues on even when a key person isn’t there to do so anymore. This is what we mean by having a process-driven company, and we can help you get there.A good model to follow is to write out detailed step-by-step procedures for every task and store those (as well as their backups) where your employees know they can find them. If someone is sick, quits—or whatever the case may be—another person can load the procedures, follow the steps, and keep the productivity in forward motion.If your business is people driven, then you likely have one employee who knows everything about a particular task or facet of your business. What happens when this employee is not there anymore? If you instead have a well-defined process to follow, you could throw any number of people into that empty chair and know the work flow will continue moving.You don’t have to be left stranded due to the circumstance of an essential employee’s absence. It doesn’t have to take you a long time to bounce back from losing someone with vast knowledge. Let us help you fix the problem before it exists. Call our Morgantown office at 304-292-9469 or our Weston office at 304-997-9533.